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French Macaroons have long been a tasty treat, but have only recently come into the houses of thousands of Americans.  Thankfully, because there are not shops selling macarons on every street, they are now readily available through the use of the internet from stores across the United States (and world).

The intent of this website is to create reviews of the best French Macaroons known to man...both accessible online, and those that you can only purchase in stores.  We will not cover macaroons, which in many parts of the world refers only to the small coconut cookies.  Instead, we are focused on the meringue-based sandwich-cookie confectionary made from egg whites, almonds, and granulated and confectionary sugars.  After cooking, the outside of the macaron has a smooth, egg shell-like crust with a light and moist interior.  Two macaron cookies are then put together using a cream or a jelly, to create one French Macaroon.